To Oil or Not Oil

Updated: Feb 13, 2018

Most of us have been introduced to the "idea" of essential oils. Many of us have probably even picked them up at the store to smell or even brought one home to diffuse. Yet, how many of us REALLY get it? Like, do we really understand that those little bottles hold something so much more complex than we have ever been conditioned to understand about out ability to take our health and wellness into our own hands!! I know I didn't...until recently. Then, something clicked, I got it. Here are my top five reasons why essential oils have become an integral part of mine and my family's lives!

1.  They support my emotional well being. There is a side to oils that many people have not considered and that is the idea that they can support us thru feelings we want to avoid and help promote feelings we want to encourage! Two of my very favorites right now are Ylang Ylang and Roman Chamomile. Both of these are my daily "go to's" for support if I am feeling overwhelmed, anxious, sad or just moody in general! They can help me find my peace and my joy if they have gone missing!

2. They help me clean my house! Thru our use of essential oils I have been able to rid our cabinets of almost every single cleaning product that I do not want my family exposed to. Whether it is due to fragrance (a big no-no in our home) or other synthetic chemicals  (another big no no), I can feel assured that when I clean, all surfaces are kid safe and pet safe. 

3.  They boost our immune systems. There are so many oils that we use daily that help us stay well! 

4. I'm just gonna throw this one out there for you...just know that I am hiding my face in my hands. We love oils in the bedroom, not just in the bedroom, but between the sheets! For the ladies, you know that favorite oil I mentioned up in reason #1, Ylang Ylang....well, that one does double duty. Combining Ylang Ylang with Cypress and applying to inner thighs, increases blood flow. For the gentleman, using diluted Idaho Blue Spruce also increases blood flow.  All of this increased blood flow  also increases all the other goals that you are shooting for during that time. 

5.  Lastly, when the time to be awake between the sheets is over, and it is time to drift off to sleep, I have found better sleep than I ever knew possible by diffusing Lavender and Peace and Calming. I used to wake up in the middle of the night and not be able to get back to sleep! Not anymore!!!

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