Have you had the feeling that you need to make some changes in your life for the benefit of your health and wellness, but have no idea what steps to take first? Trust me, I get it.

Unfortunately, I have walked a very hard road to health along with my family. I myself was already "below the wellness line" before I realized that there were choices I was making every single day that were affecting how I felt and what I was doing to my body.  So, whether you already aren't feeling your best, or you feel fine (right now), but realize that you could make changes to help ensure you stay healthy, there is IMPORTANT information for you here. I have now made it my mission to reveal and walk you through implementing these "puzzle pieces" so that you are able to take control of your health.

Jamie Hester

Wellness Coach



Certified Health Coach

Certified Aroma Freedom Technique Practitioner

I was drawn to AFT from the moment I first experienced a session. I am thrilled to now be able to combine my love of helping people with this proven technique for overcoming obstacles and emotional blocks! I have seen the benefits time and time again, on myself and so many others!


-   Do you set goals for yourself, with the very best of intentions at

    being successful, but then find yourself slipping in your resolve?


-   Do you find yourself having thoughts and beliefs that are self defeating and

     hindering your ability to be successful?


-   Do you realize that you are hung up on particular memories or events and they

    are keeping you from acting the way you would like to act in certain situations?


Then Aroma Freedom Technique may be for you!


-   Connect to the dreams that spring from your heart.

-   Identify and release exactly what is holding you back.

-   Use essential oils to transform negative beliefs and emotions.

-  Discover how to permanently integrate deep change.

-   Make a daily habit of intentional living and creative focus.​​​

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