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I once thought that I needed to figure out
all of my problems on my own.
Then God reminded me of who He is
and who I am in Him.
That changed

- Jamie Hester

Christian Booklet

I am all alone!

No one cares!

Don't BELIEVE these lies...

MOVE toward truth and healing!

Nothing will ever change!

Everything is against me!


My experience with Jamie Hester of Wellness Puzzle has been life changing.

She has taken the time to get to know me as a person and what makes me tick.

She’s patient, an excellent  listener and dedicated to finding God’s best for my life.

Because of our work   together and her constant reliance on God’s direction,

I feel we have cleared some long-standing issues from my past and I now

have a brighter future moving forward. I can’t   recommend Jamie enough.    ~Lori

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